Friday, April 10, 2015

I am so Late

So I know I forgot my blog but being late is better than never right. Anyway, so usually my sister drives me to places but on the day of the tutorial neither my sister nor my dad could offer me a ride. The navigation system on my phone is not the most trustable, so I was a bit worried.

That day just started off bad. I woke up extra early to catch the bus but I ended up missing the bus. So I had to wait an hour( I am exaggerating I don't remmeber the time specifically but it felt like an hour). Then I had to take another bus which I missed again because of the faulty directions. But miraculously I made it on time.

I was relieved to finally get to the tutorial. After that things went smoothly, Don taught us the basics of blogging. We all go to take pictures and do practice blogs. I ate a lot of red vines, it was nice.
The relief of not being late