Monday, March 30, 2015

Tantalizing Tutorial

So its Sunday night, and I am here testing out my newest blogging. I can already imagine "Angry Don" with an angry phone call asking why I blogged so late. I can think of a million of excuses, but let's just say I was too busy accepting my Nobel Peace Prize.
Tickled Pink Don

Saturday afternoon was the Ivy League Connection 101 course. I specifically chose the afternoon course so I would have plenty of time to get ready. But of course, I was the one running through the door last minute because I forgot to set my alarm clock for 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

As I drove to De Anza High School I opened up Don's email regarding the ILC sessions and ,to be honest, was quite confused with the directions. I  knew where De Anza High School was but I searched up and down for a room number or building, but couldn't find one. I started to panic because I could not afford the time it spent running around the High School looking for the correct classroom. Once I got there I followed the arrow and found the big ILC sign, ran through the gates and found only one open classroom. I was safe, with only minutes to spare.

I walked in to a bunch of other students all staring at me. But the thing that really caught my eye, was the table full of snacks. There was everything you can possibly imagine. From chips and licorice to cookies and water! To me it was the breakfast of champions!

Im pretty sure I was the last one there, so after a few minutes of conversation and introduction, the class began. The class consisted of a 40 page ILC hand guide to blogging and traveling, a hands on blogging extraordinaire, meet n' greet of Don's various moody family members, and a paparazzi session.

The four hour session seemed to fly by really fast. Don managed to go through a majority of the topics in the packet with time to spare. We were able to learn how to write our own blog, take pictures, transfer our files, protect our laptops, and of course we had time for snack breaks. The Ivy League Connection has continued to amaze me, as I go through new experiences everyday.

The Afternoon Bunch

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