Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obliging Orientation

The past ILC alumni has told me all about the Orientation, explaining how fun it was. Hercules has a tradition of dressing up in Aloha shirts in honor of all the hard work Don Gosney put into this program to make it possible. I could not wait for this years Orientation because it marked the end of our "ILC training" and we were ready to explore beyond our academic horizons. The day flew by as the clock reached 5:30, meaning it was time to get ready and meet up at Pinole Middle School.

When we first walked onto campus, there was a line surrounding a few tables. Don's instructions in his email said to have my parent and I sign in. I made the mistake of holding up the line by signing the signature cards as well. My father and I walked into the lunch room, where we waited for everyone to arrive. I was pleased to find all my friends from Hercules together.

Don opened with an introduction, then each of the cohorts broke off into groups. Our chaperone Ms. Scott explained to my fellow cohort members and their parents about everything we are going to do on the trip. She gave us a brief itinerary, giving the different dates and events. Knowing Ms. Scott, she also gave out business cards and contact information papers. This is all to keep us safe in case we need to contact someone quickly.

After our individual sessions, each cohort met back in the lunch room, where Don explained all the materials that we may need on our trip. I am extremely grateful that Don is generous enough to let us borrow some of the supplies we need. This way I won't need to go out and buy any extra materials. He had everything from fleece blankets to USB fans. I had a great time at orientation, learning about the great adventure ahead of us.

Aloha Kids

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  1. Don is truly generous and extraordinary in his details. The loaner items are a great example of that.