Monday, June 1, 2015

One Last Step

Today was the ILC's orientation! In terms of ILC events, this was the last step before the much-awaited trip itself. 

I arrived promptly at 5:50 at Pinole Middle School, ready to soak in any information Don had for us today. It turns out that most of the items discussed had already been covered at the blog tutorial session, such as what to pack. However, this time Don brought several of the items that he could loan us for the trip. I thought this was very useful, and will no doubt reconsider the need for a set of bright fuchsia bed sheets. 
We're all listening...Right, guys?
Our chaperone hands out important papers.
In addition to reviewing things that we would need to bring, we also received a rough itinerary of what when we would leave, the days we would visit other universities (we will visit Northwestern University, the University of Notre Dame, and Washington University in St. Louis in addition to taking courses at UChicago), and when we would return. 

The departure date on the itinerary startled me: we would be leaving on July 7! That means there's just over a month until we depart the Bay Area for St. Louis, Missouri, and then go from there to Chicago! I honestly believe that this trip will be one of my all-time high points, and hope to return with a new perspective on the world.

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  1. This will definitely be a life-changing experience!