Thursday, May 21, 2015

Motivating Meeting

As we dive further into our journey of the Ivy League Connection, we find ourselves attending various events to express how grateful we our to have received this opportunity. Recently the Ivy League Connection attended the WCCUSD board meeting to spread awareness of our program, as well as thank the board and all our sponsors for supporting us. 

On Wednesday May 20th, the Ivy League Connection met at Lovonya Dejean Middle School to present ILC to the community. When my dad and I first got there we had about 15 minutes to find our group and talk to the other members of the ILC. When the meeting started, each cohort found seats together. The meeting opened with the introduction of the board members and summary of De Anza High School's recent progress of the rebuilding of their school. Then it was our turn.

Each cohort was announced one at a time. The cohort's chaperone introduced themselves, explained what we were going to do on our trip, and expressed their gratitude for this opportunity. One student from each cohort gave a speech, representing their cohort, as well as ILC. I thought their speeches went extremely well and I am proud to be represented by our student speakers. They went over topics from how grateful we are to receive this scholarship, to how our community will benefit as a whole from this experience. To finish off the night, the Ivy League Connection moved to the gym to take a group photo.

The Gentlemen of Ivy League Connection

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