Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting Acquainted

This evening was the meet and greet dinner for our Chicago cohort. Even though we had already been acquainted through our dinner at One Market, I was looking forward to getting to talk to our cohort in a more relaxed setting. Unfortunately, Jae-An was unable to join us because of a concert, but the rest of the cohort-Brandon, Aisha, myself and our chaperone Alana Scott-all met at Fat Apple's restaurant in El Cerrito.
The Chicago Cohort (minus Jae-An) in Casual Wear
Dinner was a pleasant affair, with good food and comfortable conversation. We talked about a variety of topics, including our trip to Chicago this summer, movie interests, and places that we've traveled. I learned that Aisha grew up in Pakistan, that Brandon likes comedy movies, and that Alana's mother is an elementary school teacher. Alana also informed us of the other colleges we'll be visiting on our trip: Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern, and Notre Dame. I don't know much about any of these schools, so it will certainly be interesting to visit them. I really enjoy the company of my fellow cohort members and had a great time getting to know them better. I can tell we are all very excited for our trip to Chicago this summer!

Our meet and greet dinner was a fun, sociable event. Thank you to the ILC and Alana for organizing it!

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