Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bodacious Bonding

Last evening was my cohort's meet and greet with our chaperone, Alana Scott. We all met at Fat Apples in El Cerrito at 6:00, as a casual get-together to get to know one another. I had a great time sharing laughs and smiles with Tamika, Aisha, and Ms. Scott. Unfortunately the last member of our group, Jae-en, wasn't able to make it, due to an unexpected Jazz Concert.
All Full of Fat Apples
We walked into a cozy restaurant that made us feel at home. Greeted by a waitress with a warm smile asking the typical, "Can I start you off with something to drink?" I was feeling fancy today, so I went ahead and ordered myself a nice tall glass of lemonade. As we anxiously waited for our food, our conversations varied from the Ivy League Connection to our favorite movies and songs. All together I think this was a successful meet-n-greet and we each walked out knowing more about each other than before.

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