Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sore Feet

Today, I woke up tired. It was just one of those days that seemed to drag on and all you want to do is sleep. Anyway somehow I managed to pull myself through my classes.

Literally the whole day my flips were giving me trouble. You know the thing that holds the straps together, I don't know how to explain it, it's the middle part. Anyway it was digging into my skin and making walking a whole lot uncomfortable.  Also the side of one of my toes had skin coming off of it and my new shoes, the ones I wore after my flip flops, gave me blisters. Sorry-not sorry for the horrible imagery, just wanted to give you an insight on how horrible I was feeling.
You kinda see the middle strap thing that hold the flip flops together.
Good news, I got to eat a lot of pizza.

Then my mom, my baby brother (Shahabudin), and I took the bus to Lovonya DeJean Middle School.

On the way there, my Aunt Sheila met up with us.

When I arrived at the school I first talked to a couple of my friends. Then I sat down with my cohort. The board meeting was on roll.

From every cohort somebody gave a speech. Being a terrible public speaker I didn't give the speech-- Jae-An did. His speech was really awesome, like super good.

After and during the speeches shoutouts were given to the awesome sponsers and people involved in making ILC happen.

After all that we all headed towards gym. There all the cohorts, chaperones, and parents took pictures together. Then I headed home. Also it was super cold today like really really cold.  Also it was Tamika's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMIKA!!!!!!!!!

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