Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Being With the Connection

I can remember when the first time we had the ILC meeting in the school theater. I thought to myself that this sounds too good to be true and there is no way I am going to get into this program. Yet I still tried out for the program since it sounded so amazing. I actually didn't pass the interview process for the Brown program and I was devastated, but luckily I got a second chance with Chicago and by learning from my previous interview I felt more prepared this time. And by some miracle I was accepted.

With ILC came a lot of dinners and through these dinners I was able to expand on my social etiquette and I saw myself getting more comfortable with maintaining conversations during dinners. Just in general I saw a change in my demeanor and my confidence. As being a part of the ILC I was able to learn about so many more colleges that I didn't even know existed before. One of the greatest things that I got from being with the ILC is getting to meet the admissions officers. Doing so I was able to kind of understand how the application is processed. My original perception was that they just look at your grades and just toss out your application if you don't have good enough transcripts. The whole process started seeming more humane and less daunting. Now I feel more prepared to start shaping up my application. Lastly I was able to expand on my blogging skills as an ILCer. I feel more comfortable now with blogging in general than I did before. I am so glad I got to be a part of the ILC since it truly was an amazing experience. 

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  1. I don;t want to burst your bubble, Aisha, but there was no miracle involved with you being a part of the ILC. You worked hard for it and you convinced the panelists that you were best qualified for this scholarship.