Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inspiring Ivy League Connection

I would first like to begin by thanking everyone who made this opportunity possible for my fellow cohort members and I. I cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. It was truly life changing and easily one of my greatest memories of my life. Who doesn't want to share a great life story? This experience makes me want to shout from the rooftops and tell the whole world about it. And now I intend to try as hard as I can to achieve that goal. So big thanks to the Ivy League Connection! Don Gosney and Madeline Kronenberg, thank you so much for organizing this and devoting a lot of your time into us. Thank you to all of the sponsors, who helped us financially as well as spiritually. Dinner during the college visits with the alumni and administrative offices has taught me so much. Thank you for your time and hospitality. I would also like to thank Alana Scott, our chaperone, for having to deal with us rowdy kids, but not too rowdy, throughout our month exploring the mid-west. Now that the beginning credits have passed, let the main show commence!

Lets start with the first time I heard about the Ivy League Connection. Sophomore year, a guy in a big Hawaiian shirt and glasses came to our school to talk to us about an opportunity. Before this I have never even heard of the ILC, but knowing that you still have to qualify to even attend the meeting, made me pretty proud. To be honest, I didn't think much of it until I saw that I knew some of the past ILC'ers and listening to them explain their experiences with the program, had me pretty interested. A whole summer at an Ivy League College?! It seemed too good to be true. I knew I wanted to at least attempt to get in, after all I still had one more year if I didn't. I didn't try that hard the first time, and of course I did not get accepted.

The next year came, and I knew I wanted this really bad. I have heard from past students, this is a life changing experience. I needed exactly that for my college applications coming up. I wanted to do something in my life worth meaning. Something that I can proudly share with others. After all my hard work and determination, I was accepted into the Ivy League Connection.
The Ivy League Gentlemen 
Just the process of applying to the ILC has taught me so much. From writing and rewriting essays to perfection to rehearsing interviews over and over, has taught me to be persistent and determined to meet my goals. I have never worked this hard on something outside of school. This showed me that "when opportunity knocks" I should always be there to answer the door (The Ivy League Connection). Even if I wasn't accepted I would still come out learning much more than what I had when I first came in. It was a win - win.

Now for the actual experience. During my trip I was soaking in new information here and there like a sponge. From the college site visits to the actual academic course, I never forgot my main purpose of my time with the Ivy League Connection. I was at the University of Chicago to represent the West Contra Costa County School District. During my stay there, I am proud to say I think I have done my job. Almost, everyone I encountered, knows of the Ivy League Connection and what they have done for me. I was also there to bring back what I have learned and share it with my community. I plan to do this by joining my school's Student Education Association or SEA club. This helps students around campus with anything academic from homework to scholarship programs. This is one way to reach out to future ILC'ers hoping to apply or anyone else who hasn't even heard of the program. I also plan to spread the good news of the ILC at my community's college fairs. Many of the colleges represented, have been colleges toured by the ILC. Hopefully I will be able to tell everyone and anyone I know about my amazing experience with the Ivy League Connection. I have learned so much. You have my greatest gratitude, Ivy League Connection! Future colleges will be hearing a lot about you in my personal statements.

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