Saturday, August 1, 2015

Is This the End?

You know that there's no place like home the moment you sink into your bed after a long trip: The warm familiarity and comfort just put you to sleep immediately, effectively ending any mental debates about whether your dorm or your room is better. At least, this is how I felt upon returning to my house.

I'm leaving go home
This morning, after waking up at a whopping 5:30, I finished packing up shop and headed down to breakfast. The cafeteria was surprisingly devoid of the many elementary school children that it had come to be filled with these last two weeks, making for a peaceful final meal. Before I knew it, Alana had arrived to come pick us up.

We arrived at the airport without any trouble, and there weren't any delays at all with the boarding or departure of our flight. This time around, the cohort was split up into different rows, meaning that I was sitting next to a random stranger. However, I had planned to sleep anyways, so it didn't really matter.
Goodbye to Chicago...
After several hours of trying to sleep with continuously wailing babies and announcements from the pilot in the background, we arrived back in the Bay Area. It didn't feel like we were going home at all, but more like this was another step in our ILC adventure. 
Hello to the Bay Area.
Back at ECHS, we met with Don and took one last group photo, finally coming full circle from the start of our journey all those weeks ago. And after saying our goodbyes, our cohort finally disbanded to return our respective homes and lives. 

Tomorrow is another day.

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