Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Change of Pace

Today was surprisingly relaxed for a "school" day. Or maybe I'm just getting used to working late again after the one month of summer break I had. Either way, today felt a little less busy than the other days.

After working until 1 and sleeping at 2 AM, I decided to wake up as late as possible. Of course, this has its own downsides, and I had to run to class to avoid being late. 

I think that this class may be one of the most interesting classes that I have ever taken. It takes simple ideas, like how stars are colorful, and uses infinitely complicated methods to prove why these phenomena work. It's really tedious, but it's a good mind exercise, and I feel that it's a preview into classes beyond high school.

When class ended, I went to my scheduled meeting with Alana, who wanted us to check in with her so that she could see how we were doing. I told her that everything was going great, which is true, and that I need more sleep (also true). I'm glad that Alana set this up, since sometimes it's nice to know that someone's making sure you're doing okay.

After the check in, I actually decided to finish my homework as fast as possible, and was done surprisingly quickly. So, I decided to go on a dorm excursion to Valois, one of Obama's dining spots. There were only seven other people, which was kind of nice after crowding with 40 other people on the bus on the trip last night. The food itself wasn't that great, but it was still pretty good. I learned the struggle of trying to get ketchup out of a glass bottle, at least.

I'm glad that I had a chance to relax and slow down for a bit today. Also, I'm glad that I finished all my work before 9:30! That might seem really late to some people, but that's an improvement for me. Anyways, it's time for me to retire for the night...

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