Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Philosophical Psychology

The next few blogs are going to come off to a slow start, due to the beginning of class. Back to school, after only  a month of relaxation. The stress of homework, essays, work, work, and more work has returned. The usual routine of waking up early and sitting in class for what seems like years of lecture seems all too familiar. I jumped out of bed at 8 AM, threw on my clothes, and headed down for breakfast. By 8:40 some of my other classmates and I headed out to find our class. 

H 104 was almost as hidden as platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. Luckily we got to class on time with 10 minutes to spare. We began with introduction cards, writing our info and favorite animal. A class of fourteen leaves a lot of time and availability for one on one. Between various discussions of psychological ethics and methods Ms. Cassie Freeman, our professor was able to individual call each student and ask questions. Something many other instructors aren't able to do in a larger classroom. So we are very lucky to have a class size so small. Although, I hear many class sizes are quite small, offering this individual tutoring luxury.

View from Study Room
Today in class we learned about the development of the brain when the embryo first starts to develop. With today's technology we are also able to recover premature babies, and have them perform at the same level of babies born on time. Our big  class project was also assigned today and we have the entire summer session to complete it. We broke off into groups and began. My group in particular is running experiments to find the moral relations between parents and their children. Class was cut short today due to a ceremony Ms. Freeman had to attend. Surprisingly, the three hours we were in class, flew by.

Our free time was used to get a head start on the plethora of homework that was assigned to start us off in the class. Looking over the syllabus, I realize that most of our work consists of writing assignments and reading articles and chapters from the text book. English and writing is not one of my strong suits, so hopefully this class will help me improve. I spend most of my time studying in the dorm's study rooms. They are actually really relaxing offering nice company and a nice view of campus. I can tell some nights I'm going to end up sleeping on the couch.

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