Thursday, July 30, 2015

Made Possible by the Online Rhyming Dictionary

As a throwback to last Thursday’s Shakespeare experience, today’s blog will be in couplets.

This morning was all sun, no fog
Naturally, I took a jog

My time left here is getting slim
So I also visited the gym

Ate my breakfast in a whiz
While studying for the final quiz

Class started with that little test
On some questions, I guessed

Next on the agenda: an interesting lecture
On birth order effects, we did conjecture

A topic of interest, do you think?
It’s your lucky day, here’s a fun link! :

Family and psychopathy, in addition we discussed
And can’t forget school dress codes, that was a must

At the end of this talk that was most intriguing
‘Twas time to break for lunch, our stomachs needed feeding

Return to the classroom for an afternoon of work
Revising our papers was a task we could not shirk

We also spent time to practice our presentation
And tried to perfect eye contact and enunciation

The afternoon was quite a scene
Made one last trip to see the Bean

The evening was a social sight
Ice cream and peers for our penultimate night

Sadly, our adventure here is coming to a close
Was this poetry confusing? Next time I’ll use prose

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