Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sore Feet Again

The rainy campus
Today surprisingly I woke up early. I felt well rested and ready to start the day. I refreshed and went to eat the complimentary breakfast given at Charles Knight Hotel. The breakfast was really nice. Soon we checked out and headed to the admissions office of Washington University in St. Louis for our tour.

The rain was pouring hard outside even with the umbrella I was still getting drizzled. While we were walking to the admissions office I took the time to appreciate the beautiful campus. There was so much beautiful scenery around.

The awesome thinker bunny statue on the campus
We checked in the front office and then waited for the tour. After a while our tour began. Since it was a big group for touring we were split into two groups. Our tour guide was Evan. Since it was really pouring down it was heard to hear Evan over the rain but luckily I was in the front of the group so I could hear just fine. I was wearing my flats which were socked with rain so soon my feet started getting red from the side and they were extremely uncomfortable to walk with but the beauty of the campus lessened the pain a bit.

We got to go around and see lecture halls, also I found out about the various services like laundry offered at the campus very cheaply. Evan told us a lot about the fun activities done around the campus. I learned that it is mandatory to live in dorms your freshman year. We got to go in a dorm room which was super cool. It was lot spacious than I anticipated. I seriously loved the dorm room they had Tempur Pedic mattresses also they had nice shelfs. Apparently you get sort of a choice in how many people you want to share bathrooms with, which is pretty nice. Soon after walking around the campus the tour came to an end.

After the tour we had some time to grab lunch before we had to go to a presentation. The university was nice enough to offer meal cards so we got to eat on campus. After eating we went on to our presentation.I was happy to see Dana Robertson at the presentation. I had just met her last night at the dinner. Dana and Amanda Garcia ( an alum ) were the presenters.
Finally the rain let up.

The presentation started off with talking about campus culture and the various fun clubs and activities offered. They also broached open the subject of abroad studies and the assistance provided at the college to help you with that. It was nice to hear that the university offered both need based and merit based scholarships. For me that's a big plus. It was nice to hear that the university took all the factors into account when looking at the application.

We were fortunate enough to visit the Kepler Museum. I really liked it, the artwork was so weird yet pretty. My phone updated me that the flight was delayed, at first I was a little bummed but it actually ended up working in my favor. Since we now had a bit of extra time and an awesome cab driver,Dennis, we got to see Arch of St. Louis and Mississippi river.. It was all so pretty I wished we had extra time to explore a bit more.

Soon we reached the airport and after some wait it was time to board. The plane ride was only about 40 minutes and I also managed to take a nap. The flight landed, we arrived at the Omni hotel and checked in. We all headed out and grabbed some dinner at The Purple Pig. I tried a lot of new food like octopus. Overall the day went pretty good and I am looking forward to the Northwestern University tour tomorrow.

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