Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Marvelous Milkshakes

As I count down my last days here at the University of Chicago summer session, I look back to my first few days on campus. What used to be a hassle is now a habit and struggles are now simple. At this point I feel like I've been here all my life. Taking showers and going to bathroom was so much work, I had to bring all my little soaps and shampoos, towels, and a change of clothes. At first it took me a good 15 minutes of just standing there and making sure I had everything to simply take a shower. Now, I don't even care if I walk through the hallway in my underwear.

Class was the usual lecture and discussion. But today we had more individual interaction and experiments. We were studying about individual differences and we had to write autobiographies about ourselves and analyze how our biological or past experiences affect the way we are today. The afternoon session was mostly group work, working on our presentations for our final project. After class I finished up all my homework early so I could do the nighttime activities.

Tonight's activity was a dinner trip to a local popular café, called Medici. Apparently, milkshakes are only 1$ on Wednesdays. It was totally worth it, the perfect ratio of ice cream, milk, and whipcream, finished with a glowing red cherry on top. After the milkshakes I joined another soccer game, with a few people at the field, showered, and began a little studying for our quizzes coming up.  

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