Sunday, July 19, 2015

Soccer Sundays

Unfortunately I knew I had too much work to go out today, but my whole day was based off the anticipation of "Soccer Sunday" at 6 PM. This was my main incentive to complete my six page Literature Review due Monday. I spent all day, from noon to 6 PM ,a straight six hours working on this paper, with a "few" breaks in between. I finished four out of my six pages before the soccer game, but this was a well deserved break. I didn't eat all day and I was starving by dinner time. I made the mistake of eating right before the game, but I was just too hungry.

Eight other kids, Tamika from my cohort, and I took a ball and walked about two blocks to a soccer field near the university. There was already a bunch of people playing and we asked to join them. As we were playing, even more and more people joined, so we ended up splitting up into two different matches. There were people all the way from West Africa and Switzerland. They were all really good. I had tons of fun, until it all ended and I had to face the reality of a research paper to finish when I got back.  

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