Friday, July 24, 2015

Normal Nights

This week went by so fast. Significantly faster than last week. I cant believe there is only one more week left. I have learned so much already and I cant imagine leaving this. Not much happened today, from an academic standpoint. We had a pop quiz today, that thankfully I prepared for last night, because I saw it coming. It wasn't too bad and I had a few study buddies to help. Today, class was let out right after lunch, so I actually had a lot of free time today. And I spent it doing what I usually do in my free time. I went up to the soccer field with some other kids and kicked a ball around for a few hours. Today was mostly a relaxing day, the calm before the storm. I have the rest of my weekend set aside to work on the rest of my psychology project. 

There are multiple summer programs for high schoolers at the University of Chicago. Some longer than others. Today was the last day for other high school students in a 5 week program. Today was a day to just have fun and spend time with them before they all went their separate ways. A much deserved break consisted of movies, pizza delivery, and good company. Im probably never going to see these people again. Some of my friends' last hours this summer at the University of Chicago was spent on a care-free night.


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