Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Theories of Development and the Regenstein Library

This morning I finally managed to sleep in past 6, and since I’d tried really hard to get to bed early last night I actually got a satisfactory amount of sleep last night! I spent the morning running and using the gym.

Class started at 9:30 again this morning, and I was thankful for the extra 30 minutes. In the morning we reviewed what we’d read in our homework last night, going over Piaget’s theory, information processing theories, sociocultural theories, and dynamic systems theories. Here’s the link to an exercise we did to test our working memory: .0.a_1_0.swf

After lunch, we went to the Regenstein library to get a tour from Paul Belloni, the Psychology specialist librarian. Paul was very helpful and explained a lot about how the library system works, as well as showing us the different places to study or find books. He also showed us how to search for resources on online catalogs. I’m very grateful for this because trying to find research materials online is often a frustrating process for me, but his brief tutorial provided a lot of useful guidelines for a successful search. Class ended with the end of our tour, but Grace and I decided to stay in the Regenstein to work on homework. We have a large amount of reading each night, both textbook and empirical articles. It’s a lot to process, and I think my classmates and I are still figuring out how to read efficiently.

My study station on the 4th floor of Regenstein
Unfortunately, I felt that due to my workload it would not be wise to attend the trip to Navy Pier tonight, as the trip would be from 5:30 until after 10. Instead I just stayed on campus and got work done in my room, as well as grabbing a quick dinner at the dining commons. I hate to complain, but I am definitely growing tired of the food. Mainly, I miss berries and stone fruit, especially since they’re in season right now! I can’t whine too much though, because a shortage of fruit variety is a small sacrifice to make for the rest of the fun I’m having here. Even with the stress of work, I continue to enjoy myself and am trying to live in the moment and fully appreciate all aspects of this experience.

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  1. Knowing how to use research databases online is crucial for college! I'm glad you found the library tutorial helpful.