Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First World Problems

I would say that nothing really happened today, but that would make it seem like I'm here for nothing. And I'm not here for nothing. I'm here to get a window into college life outside of California, and that's exactly what I'm doing. So, I'll take this opportunity to seriously talk about some of the difficulties I've run into.

If this is only an easier version of college, then college is hard. It's hard to stay organized and on top of everything both in class and out of class. You have to pay attention to exactly how much time you have, how much time you need, and minimize the amount of time lost. And most of all, you need to pay attention to how much you sleep. To be honest, sleep is probably the greatest barrier if you want to do everything, an even greater barrier than classwork. If your health goes down, everything goes down with it.

While college students have to worry about multiple classes, I only have one class, which is hard enough. To be fair, the class is paced blisteringly fast, fitting a whole quarter into just three weeks. Additionally, I seem to be the only student in my class who hasn't taken some form of a physics class, and part of the minority that hasn't taken calculus yet. 

Another great challenge that I've faced is...the apparent lack of toilet seat covers in all of Chicago. I'm not kidding about this; all the places that I've visited don't have these, which is very annoying and slightly awkward. 

I'm not complaining; I'm just recounting some of the challenges I've faced. But even with all of this, I continue to enjoy the class and my time here, as well as trying to adapt to the environment here (which includes getting used to eating a salad, some pizza, and a hamburger nearly every day). I just miss playing the piano... 

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