Friday, July 17, 2015

Thank Goodness for Fridays

Happy Friday, everyone! It's finally been a week since class started, and I've survived long enough to enjoy the weekend. 

Today was pretty peaceful, even with the feeling that I was breathing pure water. The humidity was so high that my shirt kept on sticking to my back. I think that I realized the greatness of man through the invention of air conditioning today.

At one point, it was raining while it was still sunny. You can tell if you look closely.
Anyways, class was the same jumble of new information that it always was. Afterwards, I finished all the homework for the weekend just so that I could relax and or work on my research project. My partner Dom warned me not to get consumed in the project, so I'll try to watch it, with the key word being "try."

A small but comfortable theater.
After rushing through dinner, I went to see Minions at Harper Theater with some other people from my dorm. I thought it wasn't as good as the Despicable Me movies, but it was still good for winding down for the weekend. 

We finished the movie, but our RA and several other people were still inside watching Ant-Man. So, we decided to walk back to the dorm in the dark. It wasn't too dangerous, since we had a pretty big group, but just few enough of us for it to be unsettling. But we got back without trouble.

I'm glad. Not just because I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow, but because I'm truly enjoying my time here. The class, the people, and even the weather, occasionally. I hope that the next few weeks will be just as good as this one was.

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