Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making My Way Downtown...

Ahh...I love days where I get to sleep in. I got up at 10:45 this morning after a long mental debate on whether I should eat lunch for breakfast or breakfast for breakfast. I decided to just go downstairs and choose based on what I felt like. In the end, I had breakfast for lunch: just two simple bowls of cereal with milk.

You know, we're having something called a drought in California...
Alana had another optional cohort excursion planned today, so I decided to go. Again, Brandon and Aisha decided not to go, so it was just Alana, Tamika, and me. We took the train to the Art Institute of Chicago, which was where Alana and Tamika had decided to spend the afternoon. I had already been there, so I ended up wandering around Chicago. Since the Art Institute is almost right in the middle of Grant Park, I decided to check out some of the major tourist attractions, like Buckingham Fountain and Cloud Gate. After going to the popular destinations, I decided to explore some more, and ended up seeing some interesting things, like a miniature model of Chicago. In the last hour or so of the excursion, I decided to go back to the Art Institute to look at some of the exhibits again, and found another half of the building that I had somehow missed the first time. 

The underside of Cloud Gate aka the Bean.
I thought this model of Chicago was pretty neat.
Tamika and I decided to take the bus back to campus. I tried to sleep on the bus, but ended up banging my head several times on hard edges. That's another thing that I've noticed about Chicago: it's really difficult to sleep on public transportation, usually due to the mysterious lack of headrests.

Tomorrow is the day that Dom and I have to present our project...I'm pretty sure that it will be alright, but I can't help but feel the tiniest pang of anxiety. I guess I'll just get it over with...

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