Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If I Were to Write a Food Blog...

To continue my trend of new approaches to blogging, today’s blog will be written like a recipe. At home, recipes are one of my most common forms of reading material, so this will be a fun little practice for me.

Recipe for Tamika’s Wednesday, July 29, 2015:

2 parts Exercise
2 parts Developmental Psychology Class
3 Meals at the Dining Hall
Activities in my Dorm

To begin the day, use 1 portion of exercise. Take the exercise as a run and then a 15 minute abs workout class at the gym. To continue the day, add 1 meal at the dining hall and then 1 session of Developmental Psychology Class. Make sure to use the part of Developmental Psychology Class that talks about individual differences and the structure of papers and presentations. After part 1 of Developmental Psychology class has been thoroughly incorporated, add another meal at the dining hall. Mix this into the day briefly before slowly adding part 2 of Developmental Psychology Class. Part 2 should include lots of free time to work on group presentations. Make sure to let the day rest at this point to achieve best results.
Add a sprinkle of activities in the dorm to the day. To make Tamika’s day, add some piano playing and a dash of soccer, however if you would like to vary the Wednesday, this is your chance as chef to experiment with other activities as well.
When it appears that the day has sufficient activities added to it, add in part 2 of exercise. This consists of Zumba and swimming at the gym. Make sure the swimming includes a variety of strokes, because this is the last opportunity for swimming.
Good job! The Wednesday is almost complete. Add 1 more meal at the dining hall, followed by your choice of activities in dorm. Fully incorporate these elements into the day and enjoy!

I realize that was a very strange way to relay what I did today, and I hope it was amusing and not too difficult to follow.
In case you were disappointed by the fact that this blog did not actually contain a real recipe for food, here are a couple of combinations I've been trying out in my dining hall adventures:

Greek yogurt+honey+granola+trail mix
Toast+grilled chicken+tomato slices
Sauteed spinach+shredded carrots
Melon slices+sunflower seeds
Sliced banana+chocolate syrup+golden graham cereal

Or if you want a real food blog....this one's great:

Happy reading and happy eating!

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