Monday, July 13, 2015

Lightning and Sunny Skies

I woke up to the sound of rain and lightning. Today was my first day of class and I was really looking forward to it. After getting dressed I met up with Alexis, Sayali, and Emma and we all walked together to the class. Thankfully my class wasn't that far away from the dorm.

I was expecting the weather to be cool since it was raining but weirdly enough it was extremely hot and as the time progressed it got hotter. I was also surprised to find out that there were only 12 people in my class, I was expecting way more. We all introduced ourselves and  then our teacher went over the basics of the class. Midway through we were given a break, which couldn't have been at a better time since I was getting very sleepy. After the break the time just flew by. We  worked the later part of class in the lab and it was  really cool to look under the fluorescent microscope since it made everything more prettier.
The view from inside the library is so nice.

By the time I was walking back to the dorm it had gotten way to hot for me to deal with . So as soon as I got back to dorm I grabbed my laptop and just sat at the air conditioned lounge to just breathe for a second. Today one of the RA's activities was to take us to CVS and this was a trip I desperately needed. I got a bunch of snacks, toothpaste, and a notebook. It was so humid and hot that I had trouble breathing. I am probably just exaggerating but seriously it was super hot.

Anyway we made it back to campus just in time to open my fast. After that I did my homework and now I am going to go to sleep,  so good night.

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