Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, and tomorrow will be the last day of  this week. I cant wait for
the long awaited weekend. Everything is going by so fast, I am definitely going to miss this place. But I have already learned so much. So this is what college feels like. I love it. The rush of always having something to do or somewhere to go is, exhilarating. All the way up until time slows down to the pace of a snail, as I sit down in my chair and listen to Ms. Freeman ramble on about her psychologically gifted monkeys.

Everyday after class its the usual deal, with about an hour of break, then the endless grind of homework begins. Typically I wouldn't be complaining this much, but the fact that our professor gives more work by far, than any other teacher on campus, is frustrating. I dont have time to enjoy the full experience of all the facilities and activities on campus. This blog has been cut short due to excessive amounts of homework and not enough time.

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