Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Day of Exploring.

Since I stayed up late last night watching movie, and today I woke up at the crack of dawn to go to watch the sunrise, I basically got no sleep. By the time we made it to Lake Point I was extremely cranky. My feet were wet from walking through the grass, I wanted water, and yet again I had clearly dressed wrong again for the weather. I thought that since it was 5am that it would be cold but that was not the case. I had even checked the forecast beforehand and it said it was going to be hot but I instinctively chose to dress colder.
The beautiful sun rise.

But I have to admit that the sun being so low looked really pretty. After that we had to transfer from bus to Ventra to get to the donut shops. Instead of eating donuts I decided to go to Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe to eat breakfast. I regret not getting their cinnamon roll pancakes. By the time we got back to the campus I was extremely tired yet not sleepy. 

You can see the little turtle swimming.
    Since I didn't want    to sleep yet, I decided to go campus exploring with Alexis. We found this really beautiful lake that had little turtles swimming in it. There were fishes and beautiful flowers I just loved the general area. After that we decided to pop by the Oriental Art Museum which was pretty cool. Later we met up with Emma and we all decided to go to the beach.

Unfortunately the beach we picked wasn't the best one. The beach was super crowded and dirty, I just felt exhausted coming back from the beach but it was still nice to dip my fit in the water. Coming back from the beach we decided to hit the gym. After the gym everybody was bone tired. We spent about 2 hours just in the dining commons  talking to random people just because we were too lazy to get up. Finally we got out of dinning hall and I took a shower. Now I am going to head down to the lounge to see what snack Katie made for the Study Break.

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