Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Choices, Choices

There's so much that I want to do, but I have to either sacrifice my grades or my sleep. Right now, even though I shouldn't, I'm leaning towards giving up sleep.

Today was almost identical to yesterday and the day before. Class was challenging but intriguing, and we're starting our first project. I'm working with Dom(short for Dominic), the guy I sit next to in class, and the project he proposed was to find out whether or not you could detect extrasolar planets with the Doppler effect using our current technological skills. Wow. The idea is great, but the feasibility...let's just say I won't be a very helpful partner. Regardless, I'll still put in my best effort!

The Ferris wheel and swings on Navy Pier
After class, I did a bit of homework and then got ready to go to Navy Pier with my dorm-mates. I thought more people would have showed up, since it seemed very interesting, but only about 40 people out of maybe a two hundred showed up. I decided to hang out with Alex and two other people I hadn't met, Ricardo and Haven.

Throughout the whole trip, we pretty much just talked about world history and random stuff, like the variations of the British accent and various sections of Les Miserables. There wasn't that much to do except walk around and look at the different shops. However, we did go on the Ferris wheel, which at $8 was kind of overpriced. If I had gone alone, there really wouldn't have been much to do except watch the fireworks, which were pretty nice.
Some of the fireworks that we saw
I kind of regret going on the excursion, since tomorrow I'll be dead tired from finishing my homework. But it was nice to get out, relax, and talk with friends instead of staying in my room studying. I wonder if the rest of high school and college will be like this as well...

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  1. Jae-an, as I told, Brandon, hang in there and be sure to catch some extra hours of sleep on the weekend.

    I think it's great that you found time to see Navy Pier and meet some new people. As for your project, I know you will do great and learn a great deal, though I have pretty much no clue as to what this type of research would entail.