Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Confusing weather

Me and Alexis were the first one to arrive at class.
It seems like I can't get the hang of chicago weather, the forecast made me believe it was going to be hot but it ended up being cold. I really do enjoy my class since we don't have a lot of homework and we do most of the workload in class. We got to do a cool DNA related lab today.

Coming back to the dorms I just hung out and did my homework with the girls for a while and then we all left to get changed for Navy Pier. Thankfully this time I was dressed appropriately for the weather. Me, Emma, Alexis, and Sayali all went to Margaritas for dinner. I ordered nachos. The food arrived just when I had to open my fast, the timing was perfect. Unfortunately we didn't get to go on the Ferris wheel since the lines were so big, but we did get to go see the greenhouse.

The beautiful greenhouse.

We all went outside to watch the fireworks. You could see the beautiful buildings from the pier. The water looked great and everything was beautiful. One weird thing I noticed was that there were almost no stars. Anyway the fireworks began and it was mesmerizing. There was also some awesome music going on which just made the fireworks that much better. After the fireworks it was time to head back to the dorm. It was a long way back.

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  1. Aisha - this weather baffles me as well! I left the hotel yesterday, only to go back in because I needed a jacket, only to find three minutes later that it was humid again and I'd be carrying my jacket.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the fireworks, and also that you found the time to go watch them, since it's clear that you all have very little free time with studying, class, and of course blogging! I think I'll go watch the fireworks on Saturday.