Friday, July 31, 2015

Final Finish

I can't believe these are some of the last hours I will spending at the University of Chicago this summer. So many familiar faces I will never see again. Hopefully this won't be the last time I'm on this campus. I am definitely looking forward to applying to this highly prestigious school very soon. Knowing today was my last day here, I knew I wanted to go all out. Do everything I can possibly cram into one day in the Windy City. I am proud to say, today was well worth it.

Today was the presentation of our final projects. Every one had pretty interesting research such as gender identity development and parent-child attachment styles. I would say our presentation definitely went better than I thought, I was thankful we met the time requirements. Of course we could have done better, but the millions of rehearsals we had last night paid off. We turned our presentation into a little game show to get the whole audience involved. I was so relieved to finally finish it, it was a bittersweet feeling. Knowing all my work had payed off, yet the end of class, also marked the end of our summer session.

Crown Fountain
After class the whole class took a lunch trip to "Medici," the place with the legendary milkshakes. I was still full from lunch and I didn't really want to spend anymore money because I spent alot so far, so I didn't order anything. After lunch we all went back to our dorms and later headed into downtown Chicago. This was my chance to do everything I haven't done yet. 

Chicago Dog
4 classmates and I went to Millennium park to see the bean, one last time. I also quickly walked by Crown Fountain. It is literally a giant open fountain for a whole bunch of people to run around in and get wet. Apparently it is also good luck if you get spit on by one of the giant faces. I also haven't tried an infamous Chicago Hot Dog, so I quickly googled  one and found "American Dogs." I spent a whopping $4.95 on a hotdog. It had everything I imagined, but the actual weiner part, was somewhat disappointing. I thought it was going to be a special sausage or bratwurst, but it's simply just a hotdog. It was also more sour than any other flavor. It was probably the best hotdog I've ever had, but come on, how good can a hotdog actually be. The hotdog was enough to hold me of until dinner, so we were off to the beach.

We took the "L" to Lincoln Park, were we then took a 10 min bus ride to the beach. It was a perfect way to de-stress after 3 weeks of tedious work. It was exactly like the beaches back at home, except the water didn't leave that disgusting salt taste in your mouth. It was freshwater! I've never seen a body of freshwater that big, with waves big enough to boogie board on. The water was freezing, but after awhile I got used to it. I also joined a few kids' volleyball game and played with them for a few hours. It reminded me of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk back at home.

Four hours at the beach had me working up an appetite. We took the "L" back to downtown and found ourselves us at Hub 51. Apparently it got good reviews, so that meant I had to try it. The prices were fairly decent, compared to the quality of the food, which was great. My spicy fish sandwich was definitely worth the $13. Everyone was so full of food, we all felt like we had to work it off some how. Throughout my summer I have always seen people ride around in these light blue clunky bikes. So we decided to bike the 7 miles from downtown to campus. It was my last day here, so I wanted to go all out. It was well worth it. Until next time Chicago!

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