Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Epic Quest for Ping-Pong

I realized that much of my last blog was fanboying about all the giant telescopes, and how their amazing wonder filled my mind with awe- Wait, I'm doing it again...

Anyways, I forgot to talk about other stuff. For example, I didn't mention that we're staying in a university hotel right by a lake shore. The view is excellent, and a lot of us are considering going swimming. But other than looking around the lake, there isn't a whole lot to do. So, four of my classmates and I went on an epic quest to assemble a long-lost ping-pong table!

We were all just walking around, when we encountered a janitor. He suggested that we find the table tennis table, but his directions were so vague that we spent a good half-hour looking for the building where it was housed. Finally, our destiny led us to the sacred House of Emery (I mean Emery House, but this sounds cooler), where we stumbled upon the ping-pong table. However, the quest was far from done. We had to find the paddles and the balls! This actually took around an hour and a half, due to a confusing map and several hysterical breakdowns. But it was done, and we now have unlimited access to ping-pong.

Today, we mostly worked on our projects, which are much simpler than last time. Basically, my group is just taking lots of pretty pictures of the sky and comparing them. We're supposed to stay up pretty late tonight, so that we can get good pictures. So, I'm going to start working...

Tomorrow is another day.

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