Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Sleepy Day

This morning I woke up early and went to breakfast. Today's breakfast was not the best, I miss the food my mother makes. We had a lecture  about vaccines and how they target certain strains of viruses. We learned about the first vaccine made for smallpox by  Jenner. It was kind of cool yet alarming to learn that he used a young boy as a lab rat for the vaccine but it worked so Yay. 

During lab, we look at our sequenced lake water and determined what "swims" in the lake. All of the groups found common bacteria that are safe to be around in healthy amounts. My group and I sequenced bacteria in the mouth and algae from the lake. We found some pretty general harmless bacteria and nothing harmful, which is a relief. 

After coming back to dorms I straight up passed out on the bed. Lately I have been getting so tired maybe it's because I stay up so late. I woke up to have dinner. Then me, Emma, Sayali, and Alexis once again took up on our lab report. Thankfully I am done with my poster and I now only need to work on the lab report. Three more days to go.

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