Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sleep Thursday

Protein Modeling, YAY!!
Once again I ended up waking earlier even though I was extremely tired last night. I was super excited for class since we were supposed to have a guest speaker and I had heard that he is a great speaker. I was not let down, our guest speaker Jack Gilbert gave us a lecture on the importance of microbes in our daily life. His lecture was really engaging and I enjoyed the lecture.

During my lab work I kept running into problems while doing my protein modeling and it was frustrating but I eventually figured it out. As soon as I came back to my dorm I went straight to my bed and took a long nap. I probably would've missed dinner but thankfully I had my alarm on. Now after dinner I am with my friends and once again we are trying to finish our lab. I am hoping I will get a burst of encouragement and get my lab report done since it is due tomorrow.

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