Saturday, July 11, 2015

Butterflies in my Stomach

I woke up today pretty early and realized that today we would be moving into our dorms. I felt excited yet nervous at the same time. I was just praying that I get a nice roomate.

We all had breakfast at the Omni hotel and then headed out towards UChicago campus. Arriving there we checked in and then I went to place my suitcases in my dorm room.

My intial reaction to my room was like Yeah! this is a pretty nice room. I have a nice bed and the room is spacious enough, since my roomate hadn't arrived yet I got to pick which bed I wanted. Then the cohort headed out to the bookstore. We all got some kind of UChicago gear, courtesy of the ILC.
Wearing our new finery
Arriving back at the dorm I was finally able to meet my roommate. She is an international student from China, which is pretty awesome, also she is super nice. Then the orientation meeting started. We got introduced to our RA's who soon took us out for a tour of the campus.

Coming back to the dorm, the people in my group with the same RA, Katie, all did ice breakers and played mafia. It was nice to get to talk to so many new people and see so many new faces. After that we got to eat in the cafeteria and the food was pretty great.

Back at the campus we had yet another meet up with our RA. This time Katie went over the general curfew policy and other rules of the dorm. After that since I was so tired I was glad to finally take a nap.

Lastly we had study break where basically we got to eat truffles made by Katie. After hanging around for a while I was realy tired so I called it in for the night. So far I am really enjoying UChicago and I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

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  1. I’m so excited for you all. This is such a wonderful opportunity and we know you’re going to have a blast.