Friday, July 24, 2015

Swing and Things

Friday! Everyone is glad it’s Friday, and the start of our final weekend in Chicago. Our Psych class got to start the weekend early, as we only had class in the morning today. This is because we have class tomorrow morning as well, since that was the best time for participants to come in. Class this morning felt long. We started with a quiz, which Cassie had strongly hinted at yesterday. I’d spent breakfast studying and I feel relatively confident about how I did on this quiz. We go over the answers immediately after we take the quiz to enhance learning, and I think I got most of them correct. Today’s lecture topic was moral development, which is really complicated and interesting. Here is a moral dilemma for your amusement:

It was really relaxing to have the afternoon off. I was able to FaceTime one of my good friends, which made me happy but also miss everyone at home even more. I also practiced flute and played soccer with Brandon.

Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park
The main event of my Friday was attending the Chicago SummerDance Festival in Grant Park. Rebekah the RA led a group of us downtown for the event, and tonight’s dance was Swing Dancing. This was perfect for me, as our band program at ECHS has a Swing Dance every year and it’s one of my favorite events. I had an amazing time dancing, both with friends and strangers. We also wandered around the city and got some deep dish pizza from Pizano’s and boba from a cute, random bubble tea shop. Like yesterday, this was another great evening and hopefully the start to an extremely memorable weekend.

Bad quality photo of Swing Dancers

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