Friday, July 31, 2015

A Night on the Moonlit Lake

It's super late/early over here! I'm kind of dead, but I'll try to recount on the stuff that I did today.

Today started off as a day like any other. I got up, ate breakfast, and walked up to the observatory to finish the project we were working on, which was about how different programs measure brightness differently. But due to one of my group members being several hours late, and several equipment and program malfunctions, we didn't really get started working until 1 PM. Other than that, it was perfectly normal.

The lighting is odd, but that is the Moon, not the Sun.
Photo courtesy of Alex Schiffer.
After dinner, our class roasted smores by the lake. It was really gorgeous, since the moon was clearly visible during the sunset, and the lake looked like it was sparkling. After eating just two smores, I decided to look around the shore a little with my friends Dom, John-Marshall, Ethan, Julianne, and Alex. We found a small dock that was low on the water, sat down, and just talked. Also, it was warm enough to dip our feet into the water. It was quite relaxing, and we stayed there for a while.

The observations that we made today were much less formal than last night, since this was our last night together as a class. In between observations, we played games in the dark, like Sardines. In this game, one person hides, and everyone has to find him/her. When someone finds the hider, they join the hider in the spot and wait for more people to find them, and the game ends when the last person finds everyone hiding in one spot. This was extremely fun, since we played in the dark, spooky observatory and the surrounding area.

After we were let loose to go back to the hotel around 1 in the morning, Dom, John-Marshall, Julianne, Alex and I all decided to go back to the dock. We just talked about our hopes and dreams, our fears, and using quantum physics to determine the possibility of white holes. We'll probably never see each other again after tomorrow, so this was kind of sad, but I had fun. I have a feeling that if we had gone to the same school, we would have been a tight group of friends, but...oh, well.

Tomorrow is another day.

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