Thursday, July 16, 2015

Class Continues...

Today was a pretty good day! I woke up this morning feeling very well rested and continued with what has become my morning routine: run, shower, breakfast, quick study session. I’m glad to have settled in to a pattern for life here, as I am typically a very routine based person and appreciate a schedule.

In class this morning, we spent most of the time reviewing the textbook information from last night’s reading. All of this had to do with how infants see, think and learn. We watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and an amusing phenomenon we observed was YouTube’s continual suggestion of 12 hour baby lullaby videos to watch next. Class this morning passed really quickly to me, which was a good start to the day.

Class in the afternoon was fast as well. We went over the empirical articles from last night, and I felt like I had a much better understanding of these two then the ones we’d discussed in class yesterday. After that, we had free time to work in our groups. My group was productive in finding several resources for our Lit. Review and were able to comprise a rough list for our works cited page. After Cassie dismissed us from class, my group tried to find the Harper Memorial reading room, as we’ve heard it’s gorgeous and Harry-Potter-esque. Unfortunately, after some unsuccessful wandering we learned that it is not open in the summer.

After some brief studying, I headed back to the dorms so that I could meet Alana for our check-in. It was really nice to see her and chat a bit. I am definitely relishing my independence, but it’s comforting to be reminded that I have adults looking out for me as well.

I was really happy because I was able to finish tonight’s homework a lot more efficiently than yesterday’s. I got all the work for tomorrow done before dinner, and was planning on trying to go play some soccer. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I was contained to doing ball touches in my room. I have to use cautious ball control to ensure I don’t set off the fire sprinkler system!

After dinner, I decided to try and go out a little bit because I was wanted a break from campus. Sayali and I took the shuttle to 53rd, where we walked around a bit and went into a fun candy shop, Kilwin’s. We tried some fudge and I got a couple chocolate covered things, then we took the shuttle back and headed in to our dorms for the night. I had a very pleasant day, and am certainly looking forward to tomorrow–it’s Friday!

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