Sunday, July 12, 2015

Satisfying Sunday

Before we go to bed every night, John and I plan what the next day's plan is. Today consisted of various activities such as Ultimate Frisbee, restaurant touring, and meetings. Many of our plans don't even carry through. Thats one thing I really like about college life, there are many spontaneous events. One second I'll be blogging and the next second I'll be on a bus to a restaurant in Hyde Park. 

My roommate and I planned to wake up at 8 AM in order to get ready and have enough time to eat breakfast, which ended at 9:30. Of course this plan did not follow through and ended with me waking up at 9:00. Of course, I will make a better effort to wake up early or on time when class starts. Sunday is my break. The breakfast choices were not as extensive as lunch and dinner options. In fact many of the items for breakfast, are still available for lunch and dinner as well. Items such as cereal, fruits, and yogurt can still be consumed during other times of the day. Now that I'm on my own I am mostly choosing foods I like, which of course is either deep fried, sweet, or fatty. I realize that I need to make the effort of eating healthier foods, even though I don't like them. So today, I grudgingly piled up a bunch of broccoli to make up for the last few days of pizza and chicken nuggets. All this food was worked off with a few hours of ultimate frisbee.

If you dont know what it is, ultimate frisbee is basically American Football but with a frisbee and less contact. A friendly game of frisbee turned really competitive quite fast. Playing for fun, turned into advanced strategies with different roles and positions. There was at least forty kids that showed up, so we played tournament mode. With two teams playing at once until the other three are knocked out. After two hours of this, I worked up quite an appetite and ate lunch with a few of my RA groups. Along with my RA group, I've actually had the chance to tell alot of people about the Ivy League Connection. I have not forgotten my soul purpose of existence at University of Chicago.

Lunch was followed by a few hours of basketball, and then by a residential safety meeting at 4:30 PM. This was the usual deal, meeting in a big lecture hall and going down a list of rules about the police, curfew, and dorm life. Most of these rules seemed like common sense or things that can easily be discovered on your own. I think the main purpose of this meeting was a reminder of our resources and discipline. 

Valios Restaurant
Immediately after, we were able to group up and choose a restaurant to eat dinner. Knowing I'm on a budget restraint, I want my money to last as long as possible, I chose the cheapest place, Valios. Valios Restaurant is also known for it's frequent visits by Barack Obama. They even have a list of Obama's favorite items on the menu. So if the President of the United States likes it, it must be good. I ended up eating a breakfast plate that was #2 on Obamas list.

When I got back it was time to face my responsibilities. I had to blog, do laundry, and shower. Blogging is getting easier and easier everyday. I am beginning to finish within 30-45 minutes, when at first it would take me an hour or two to think about what to write. The laundry room is down in the basement, which is a little creepy. The laundry machines are fairly easy to use, with three buttons asking which colors, and another three asking the materials. Washers cost $1 for a load and $1.25 for a super load, whatever that means. Dryers are the same price. My floors community shower wasn't too bad. I wore my sandals in the shower because I didn't want to catch the 500 different diseases that populate the shower floor. So far so good. I think I can definitely get used to this kind of life.

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  1. I think one of your RA excursions also includes a trip to Valois. I wonder if you will also get to see the outside or surrounding areas of Obama's house?