Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spontaneous Surprise

Today was another one of those spontaneous days, where I had nothing to do at first, but suddenly found my self all around Chicago. It began with Saturday morning class at 9:30. Well, not really class, but another one of those child psychology experiments. Today we had four new kids and parents. A majority of the little kids are quite and don't really speak, unless spoken to. And of course there are the exceptions, who scream and yell about everything. I ended up being interrogated about why I was wearing a purple shirt. Today we had at least one of those kids. But that just made the experiments that much more fun. After two hours of experiments we finished up and headed to lunch.

After lunch I had no idea what I was going to spend the rest of my Saturday doing. So I decided to start it off by walking up to the usual soccer field and joined a few kids' game. I worked off a good sweat for at least an hour, but I still had no idea how i was going to spend my last free Saturday. One thing I like about the dorms is that each floor is like a small community. People say "hi" to each other in the hallways, share the TV, and even leave left over soap in the bathrooms. We often have hangout in each others dorm to just watch movies or play board games. Today was one of those days, but ended up exploring Chicago.

Pad Thai

Four other kids and I, got tired of the usual TV and board games, so we decided to go explore 53rd St. for a place to eat. Walking up and down, we ended up at this Asian American Restaurant, Noodles etc. This was the closest I was getting to my home culture's cuisine. This was probably one level up from your local Panda Express. Everything was cheap, big portions, and actually tasted pretty good. It was nice to see Chicago's attempt at Asian flair, other than Chinatown.  

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