Friday, July 24, 2015

Mulan Overload

Gotta get down on Friday? More like gotta get down to business! Ha ha...get it? I actually thought of this idea last night in bed...Maybe it's because I watched Mulan 2 recently. It was nowhere near as good as the first movie, but I watched it anyways. Actually, because I was watching it, I forgot to sign in for curfew like we do every night, and got a curfew violation. Anyways, now that I've gotten the bad humor out of the way, I'll continue.

Today was class as usual, but for some reason the curriculum was much more difficult to understand. Our teachers used a hefty amount of calculus in today's lectures, and I got completely lost, due to the fact that I haven't actually taken calculus yet. Sometimes I feel like if I had a stronger base knowledge, if I had taken physics or calculus, I would be able to appreciate and enjoy this course better. But I haven't, so I just have to manage without.

I wish that I could get out of the dorms more after class...But with this project deadline coming up, I really can't go out unless I make some serious sacrifices. And that usually isn't good. So, I've resolved to finish the project today. Everything. It's not as bad as it might sound; I just have to finish writing a report on my research, create a few data tables relating neutrino flux to core solar temperature, and help work on a powerpoint for the presentation of the project. Oh, wait...

I better get down to business (not a Mulan reference at all) then...

*This is the 100th post of this blog! It's been a great time so far; I hope the smooth-ish sailing continues!

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