Monday, July 20, 2015

Wondrous Week Two

The second week of Developmental Psychology commences. I'm off to a great start, going to bed at 1 AM last night trying to finish my six page research paper, that I just turned in this morning. In some ways I am grateful that my course is as hard as it is. The tough parts make the easy parts seem so much more relieving. It just lifts my spirit knowing that after a long weekend of endless work, Ms. Freeman let us off easy with tonights homework. The fact that we only have seventy pages of textbook reading and notes tonight just lifts so much off my shoulders. 

Our professor gave us this same exact motivational speech, right before assigning us a ton load of work, as if this was supposed to makes us happily accept her homework. Aside from the workload, I am learning a whole lot from this class. I am now able to ramble on and on about Piget's four stages of moral development and Neural Plasticity, but to what expense. 

Everyday I am learning something new about college life, as well as my course. I am a sponge, soaking up knowledge everywhere I go, to share my experiences with my community back at home. Every time I learn something new, I cant wait to go back home and tell everyone about it in person. I miss home, but Im loving the college life.

My Faithful Homework Buddies

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