Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Calming Coffee

I didn't have class today because it was dedicated to an office hours sort of thing. It felt so good to sleep in, although breakfast in the dining hall ended at 9, I missed it and ended up waking up around 10. Later on, I planned to go to Ms. Freeman's office hours in case I needed help on my project due today. I didn't want to spend all day in my dorm, so I found a local coffee shop to do my homework. I never knew how useful Yelp can be, when I just typed in coffee shop and a whole bunch came up within a five mile radius. I didn't want to go too far, so I chose the closest one. I ended up walking about 15 minutes South of campus, to Greenline Coffee. As I was walking there, there were at least three billboards on the way, with big green signs pointing to the coffee shop. So it must have been good. 

Greenline Coffee was sort of in the middle of nowhere. The interior looked nothing like the exterior. The neighboring buildings seemed run down and faded, then there this lively coffee shop. Everything was well lit, there was a lot of seating, but not too crowded. The menu was one of those blackboards with the items written in chalk. I could feel I was going to get alot of work done there. I ordered a large iced mocha, because I knew I was going to be there I while. I sat down and opened my laptop to start my work, but the WiFi wouldn't work for me. I was too lazy to walk back all for nothing. So I ended up staying at the coffee shop for at least 2 hours on my phone. Then I decided to join my classmates at office hours for help on our project. The rest of the day was used to finish up the results of my project. I actually found parents do not have significant influence on the sharing behaviors of their children.

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  1. It's interesting how research can disprove our intuition. Personally, I would have thought that yes, sharing behaviors are influenced by parents.