Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Epic Museum

Today was the type of day where I just didn't feel like doing anything at all. Which was just as well, because today was Saturday. I had finished most of my research report last night to try to avoid doing too much work today.

I woke up around 11 AM this morning, and probably would have stayed in bed until 2 if I hadn't had plans to go to the Museum of Science and Industry with Tamika today. So, I ate a quick breakfast (technically still breakfast since it was my first meal of the day), and met up with Tamika and one of her friends, Jaiden, in front of the dorms. The museum wasn't too far away, so we just walked there.  
My hands are shaking from excitement, obviously...
The place is so huge!

From the outside, the museum looked old and stately, with an enormous main building and large adjacent buildings. However, the real museum was under the buildings, meaning that it was even larger than it looked. Also, the interior looked incredibly modern, and awesome in the formal definition. 
This has to be one of the coolest things that I've ever seen. No lie.
The mirror maze. Who's that handsome guy taking a picture...?
We systematically worked our way through most of the exhibits, which included but was not limited to: a real German submarine captured in WWII, a huge hall dedicated to weather, geological phenomena, and physics, an exhibit on the history of bicycles, an elliptical room where two people standing at certain spots could hear each other perfectly, a giant castle dollhouse, and a disorienting maze of mirrors. There was so much to do! Jaiden, Tamika, and I all got separated several times, but eventually found each other again.

An bicyv
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Sadly, we eventually had to leave. It was super fun exploring the giant museum, and helped me de-stress after having an intense working session last night. I just noticed that another week has zoomed by, and we only have one week left here. I'll try to make the most of it!

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