Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Coolest Day

I woke up 20 minutes earlier today. Again like yesterday the dining hall was packed with people. The class today flew by. We had a lecture by Ms. Fineschi and then we headed to lab to do our Lake Water samples. Since the cafeteria had been so packed, Ms. Fineschi moved up our lunch 30 minutes. It was relaxing to be finally able to eat in a less rushy cafeteria. the weather was cool and breezy.
We attempted to take a serious picture.

After lunch since we finished our lab really fast we were free to leave but were advised to work on our lab report. As soon as we came to the dorm we all headed to the gym but this time Sayali joined us. After the gym we decided to make pit stop at the CVS. We took the shuttle and ended up at the Walgreens. Walking back we felt exhausted so we took the shuttle back to the campus. Coming back we had dinner. Then we realized that we really needed to start working on our alb report. Right now like yesterday we are trying to get our work done but mostly we are just talking and reading, hopefully I will be productive and get some work done. I almost forget to say that I killed a wasp today and saved Alexis's life.
Taking the shuttle back.

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