Monday, July 27, 2015

Chubby Children

UChicago Day Care
It's my last week at the University of Chicago this summer and there is so much I haven't done yet. I have to make this week last. So far it has started of pretty well. Today in class we finished up our data pools, with the last of the children coming in today. Everything went pretty smoothly, the real challenge was finding this to entertain us, while we waited our turn to run the experiments. All of our experiments are run in the University's day care, which is deep underground in one of the study halls for some reason. It's so hard to find we actually have to meet the parents and kids outside, and escort them to the room. Today we had a nice variety of kids, some old and some really young. The young ones don't really understand the experiment and just want to play with the toys. While, some of the really old ones, dont even want to be here. Overall, I collected my data and now able to write the results and conclusion of my final paper.

After class I went up to my room to rest for a few minutes before dinner. After dinner I heard the gym had a nice pool, so I told some friend I would meet them there. 30 minutes later I went to the gym, but I didn't see anyone at the pool. But I did see a gym full of badminton players. I haven't played in so long and I kind of miss it. So I ran back to the dorms and quickly changed and ran back. I forgot how much fun badminton is. They provided rackets, but they weren't the best quality, in fact I saw the same ones at the dollar store. But hey, beggars can't be choosers. It was an open gym, so we just had to show up and wait for an open court. My friend and I went around asking people to play doubles. Of course, you win some and lose some. I ended up playing all the way up to curfew, and had to leave just because it was late. That was the most exercise I've gotten all summer.   

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