Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Amazing Discovery

The beautiful milkshake
I woke up today feeling extremely tired. At lunch I told Sayali and Alexis to poke me if I fall asleep in class. We had a lot of hectic lab work today but since the girls prevented me from falling asleep in class and I was forced to stay awake I kept messing up my lab work. I don't know what was going on,  I went to sleep like I normally do but I felt especially tired. 

After class me, Emma, Alexis, and Sayali sat around the lounge and once again attempted at finishing our lab report. The lab report is really confusing since we still have to finish our lab and we all have just so much questions but hopefully with each other's help we will be able to get it done. 

We discovered a new lounge.
Then we cruised around the bookstore. After that we took the shuttle to drink milkshakes at the Med. Last time I had their milkshake I didn't like it but this time on Emma's suggestion I had Fudge Banana Milkshake and it was delicious. It was just a beautiful milkshake, I feel like I have discovered a treasure. After that we found a little bookstore in the nook of the street. It looked so cozy and nice but unfortunately it was about to close so we had to leave. Now we are all just hanging out in the lounge and hopefully all this hard work will pay of and I will have an awesome Lab Report.

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  1. I love the picture of you all lounging and doing your school work - quintessentially college! I wonder if you are tired because you are starting to feel the two-hour time change? Stay rested and have fun!