Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Magnificent Trip

I tried to capture the beauty of the city.
Even though it was Saturday I didn't get to sleep in. I woke up, head breakfast, and headed out to attend the tour of uchicago. Due to some confusion with tour sign-up of the summer students we got to the presentation a bit late. The presentation went over the admission process, financial aid and covered the academic opportunites offered in the university. What really stuck out to me was the flexibility allowed in changing your majors and just the great variety of electives they offer. Our tour guide was Hank. Most of the buildings we saw on the tour I already knew about, but still the tour was very informative. I got a feel of how campus life is like.

In the afternoon there was a trip to the Magnificent Mile planned. I thought I was going to miss it since it started around the time the tour ended but I made it in time. I was very excited to go shopping. At first it was hot but then it started raining. I like the nice breeze in the city and I can finally see why chicago is called the windy city. I immensely enjoyed walking around the beautiful city. Since we were running late me, Daphne, Emma, and Alexis took the cab back to the campus.

We made it back just in time to grab dinner. After eating the dinner we decided to meet up later to watch a movie and currently we are watching a comedy. I had a great day today, I liked the tour and I am started to get more comfortable with chicago. Well I am going to go enjoy the movie now.

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