Monday, July 20, 2015

Shh...We're Watching You

It definitely felt like a Monday this morning. I slowly got up and went through the daily routine of run, shower and breakfast, trying to study in between as well. Although the 3 quizzes included in our course are supposed to be surprises, Cassie had very strongly hinted that we would be having a quiz today.

Indeed, the first thing we did in class after settling in was the quiz. I know I missed some questions, but it wasn’t too bad overall. After the quiz, we started talking about how to be a secret observer. One of our assignments today would be watching child and caregiver interactions in public setting, so Cassie went over how to do this surreptitiously and systematically. Once we had grasped a sufficient understanding of these strategies, we moved on to learning about language development by watching a video on the child’s brain and how speech works.

Lunch today was hectic, because there appear to be some new kids’ camps on campus this week. The line was way out the door and trying to get food was a crowded maze of weaving in and out of kids balancing plates full of food. I was not a fan of the high concentration of people, and was glad to return to class for the afternoon.

Our afternoon session was very brief, as Cassie wanted to release us early so we would have time to go collect observations. The main thing we did was figure out in our groups all the details of our experiments, because we might have participants come in on Wednesday so we can start collecting data! This is exciting.

Although it seems a little bit creepy, I thoroughly enjoyed our observations assignment. I went with a group of classmates to one of the nearby parks and tried to be inconspicuous as I sat on a bench and took notes. Paying attention to the interactions between children and their caregivers was fascinating, and I probably could have spent the rest of the afternoon observing and not gotten bored.

Observation Scribbles
I decided to try Zumba this afternoon, because I finished enough of my homework relatively quickly and because Tiffany had been telling me it was really fun. We walked to Ratner around 5:15, and entered a room full of energetic Zumba-ers. Normally I’m not that comfortable with dance stuff, but I had a great time! I’ll probably try to go again sometime later this week or next week.

This evening was very pleasant, because I didn’t have a ton of homework or anything to do. I had an okay dinner at the dining hall (improved by the fact that the salad bar has added feta/some new cheese to their selection), and then I just used the rest of the evening to finish up homework and get in a good flute practice session. Today was a good start to the week.

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