Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ancient Art

So much for sticking to my original sleep schedule. My bed's call was just too strong, and I stayed in bed for an extra hour, 9:30 AM. Hopping out of bed, I followed through with my normal routine, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and running down to breakfast. Thankfully, I had plenty of time to enjoy my Saturday morning breakfast, before the 11 o'clock info session. At least 20 other kids and I met in the dorm building lobby to group up before going to the info session. Apparently there was an email saying the session was moved to 10:30 AM, sent last night, that 20 other kids, including myself had not received. Due to this, the International Student Director had to come to the rescue and take charge, to guide us to the info session. Since there were so many extra kids, the administrators quickly made an overflow group and started a new session.

I'm sad to say that this was one of the most boring info sessions I have ever been to. The speaker talked in a constant monotonous voice, never smiled, and didn't open her mouth wider than a centimeter. Despite an hour of mumbling from the speaker, I still consider the University of Chicago one of my top colleges to apply to. After the tour of the campus, I quickly ran off to join the group going to the Magnificent Mile.

La Grande Jatter - Georges Seurat
At least fifty kids crammed onto a bus and rode it to the Chicago train system, "The L". We each
branched off into different directions all around downtown Chicago. I actually didn't even go to the mile long shopping spree, suggested by the trip title, "Magnificent Mile." I actually joined a group going to the Art Institute  of Chicago. I'm not a big fan of museums, but I can easily say I am now. Voted #1 museum in the world, the Art Institute of Chicago was amazing! I've never seen some many famous items under one roof all at once. Studying french impressionism at school, I was actually able to fully appreciate work done by impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. I also got a taste of many different kinds of art from different cultures to mediums. One truly does learn new things everyday.

The day was polished off with some great food from Chicago's one and only, Chinatown. Growing up near San Francisco Chinatown, nothing can fully compare. Chicago Chinatown isn't as busy and populated as SF. It is also much smaller, but their food is still great. Going there reminded me a lot of home. 

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