Friday, July 17, 2015

Eid Mubarik!!!!!

First of all to anybody celebrating Eid Mubarik. I woke up today very excited since I realized it was Friday. Class today was very brief and chill. We had our lecture on segmenting DNA and then we did a short lab. After the lab we had a lunch break. We all decided to head out the Med to have milkshakes. I had heard they had great milkshakes but unfortunately they weren't sweet enough for me.
Since it was a sunny day, I got to see the beautiful clouds.

After lunch we got to go the actual lab where they segment the DNA, then we got to walk around and look at the poster project of the RIBS students, which was another uchicago program. I was thoroughly impressed by the works the students did since I couldn't even understand half of the stuff they were talking about. I was happy to know that our class let out early today.

Me, Alexis, Sayali, and Emma stayed at the library for a while doing our assignment. After a while Alexis, Emma, and me headed out to the gym. I realized that music can make a huge difference in how motivated you are to work out. After gym we all headed to dinner. At dinner I got to talk to new people, which was nice. I feel like I spent an hour at the dining commons just talking.

Later me and Alexis kept Rachel company while she was doing her laundry. The basement, where the laundry is, has the power to make you super tired and sleepy. By the time I got back to the first floor I was ready to fall asleep, so I checked-in for curfew and then headed to my room to get some sleep.

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