Thursday, July 23, 2015

Congested Cafeteria

This morning I felt much better. Lately, I've been taking advantage of the dining hall's vast array of fruits and vegetables. Everyday they have a different meat, vegetable, and starch. Somedays are better than others of course. But considering they have to feed a few hundred people, the food isn't too bad. For some reason there are also many families and summer camps here at the University of Chicago. The families live in the same dorm rooms I live in, and I have yet to ask why. There are also a few hundred kids attending multiple different summer camps. And all at the same time, people form all ages, all different sizes, cram into the small dining hall. The pizza line then turns into the rollercoaster line at Disneyland and we actually have to be let out of class early, so the actual college students have a chance to eat. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, of course there's the perk of being let out early and it's always fun watching all the little kids run around.

The tsunami waves of homework are finally starting to shallow down. We read through all the articles Ms. Freeman assigned, but she has no problem substituting them with more critical reading questions. Personally I like the critical reading questions better, because they help me understand the textbook, better than the irrelevant articles can. We also get more time to work on our final project. Our professor also split up the due dates, so each section of the project is due at different times. This helps us manage our time and allows her to give us feedback before the complete final project is due. 

Today many of my friends went to some Shakespeare improv play, but those aren't really my thing. If you're interested, I'm sure Tamika Whitenack wrote about it in her blog. Instead I actually had some free time to group up a bunch of guys and start a game of soccer. This was a nice break from my usual grind of homework. But every time I go back to the dorms, I always have a pile of homework waiting for me.

Dining Hall

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